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Grace Boyd is an emotive family and couples photographer and educator based in Arizona. Known for her emotive and creative style, she provides sessions for families, children, and boudoir as well as mentoring for other photographers.

What To Wear To Your Next Family Photo Session

October 17, 2018

Style your family like a pro!

Its that time of year again and you are probably stressing over what to wear to your next family photography session! And trust me, I totally get it! It's hard enough finding the perfect photographer and then scheduling a time slot that works for everyone, let alone coordinating all the outfits! One thing I can't stress enough though is that your wardrobe sets the mood for your images! You don't need to be a fashionista. You don't have to have champagne taste, but what you do need is to put some thought and care into your styling.

Luckily for my clients as a part of my photo session experience, I provide them with an access code to one of the greatest inventions since sliced bread, Honeytree Style and Select. Honeytree is an interactive styling tool that picks and coordinates outfits for your upcoming session. If you haven't booked your session yet and you want to get started here are some great tips:



  • Stick to a color palette of three to four complementary colors

  • Layers are flattering and a way to show personality

  • ACCESSORIES! Hats, belts, jewelry!

  • Shoes are optional 

  • Keep hair simple and clean

  • Non-glare glasses will keep glare at bay

  • Mix patterns

  • Parents in solid neutrals, littles in brighter patterns (this helps distinguish the kids from the adults)


  • Avoid everyone wearing the same outfit. Mix it up!

  • No logos or wording on clothing

  • No stiff, uncomfortable outfits


I guarantee you already have items in your closet that will work perfectly! And not sure what color scheme to choose?? Look around your home! Is your home light and airy? Choose softer colors. Is your home warm and cozy? Choose jewel tones (psst MY FAVE!).

Oftentimes your wardrobe and your home decor share the same color scheme, making it easy to coordinate a look that looks great in wall art! 



(Here are some of my favorites!)

For the Kids:


Old Navy



And dont rule out: 

Once Upon A Child

Other Mothers



For Mom:

Forever 21





For Dad:

Old Navy


Urban Outfitters


Need more inspiration? Check out my Pinterest boards!

What To Wear | Fall/Winter        What To Wear | Spring/Summer









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