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Grace Boyd is an emotive family and couples photographer and educator based in Arizona. Known for her emotive and creative style, she provides sessions for families, children, and boudoir as well as mentoring for other photographers.

The Unraveled Academy | A Review

September 7, 2018

This is something I would shout from the rooftops if I could!

For over a year now, I have been a member and student of the online photography school The Unraveled AcademyUnraveled showcases multiple artists and creatives, most of whom teach courses pertaining but not limited to photography. Other classes include yoga, poetry, watercolor painting, and more.

When I started with Unraveled I was a member of lots of other photography schools.  Over the last  year I have slowly left EVERY. SINGLE. one except for Unraveled. True story. I felt like I had found my home. A home where everyone is welcome and kind. A home where we are all equal. 


Unraveled Academy offers courses with such diversity in artists and classes that it is hard to compare them to any other photography school. For  $15 a month you have access to every single course and teaching video in their library. AND they introduce new courses each month!! Along with monthly freebies like presets, session guides, etc.


And they just made one of the classes that changed me life FREE yes you heard me FREE, go watch it here! I promise it will rock your world. 

The other perk is the Facebook group! It could probably be worth the monthly tuition price alone!!! From Facebook lives, to constructive criticism, to Lightroom help, and anything in between, you will find a place here. This is where we are all equals. Where even you biggest photography idol will comment on your photos and you just die. Where you ask a question and everyone answers with so much grace and understanding.

But more than anything, what has convinced me that Unraveled is by far the most supportive school and group to be a part of is the overwhelming sense of kindness and generosity of not only fellow students but more importantly, the creators Sarah Driscoll and Coleen Hodges. These two talented babes truly believe in creating a community that loves and supports each other and it truly shows. Some of the incredible things they have put in place through this group are:

  1. UA Scholarships- A scholarship fund created to find creative young women who have suffered from trauma/hardship. They will receive a camera, a computer, and free access to the UA community, all in an effort to give them a fresh start in their creative life.

  2. UA Podcasts – UA has created multiple radio stations on Spotify designed with the creative soul in mind. Whether you are looking for something to edit photos to or even music to play during your sessions. UA Radio is such a neat option.

  3. Spectrum Inspired (which I am a proud photographer for) – The creators of UA Sarah & Co also created an incredibly powerful non-profit that is designed to offer support and free photo sessions to families with children on the Spectrum. This non-profit organization is really so incredible in how they work to provide assistance to children and families that live life on the spectrum.

  4. UA Shindigs- Get togethers in each state.

The more I learned about Unraveled Academy the more I fell in love with everything it stood for. 


I can tell you from the bottom of my heart, Unraveled Academy is one of those amazing places that comes around only once in a while that truly stands by the things that they say. I am incredibly proud to be partnering up with them. I would absolutely love to see you there too. If you are interested in hearing more you are welcome to check it out HERE





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