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Grace Boyd is an emotive family and couples photographer and educator based in Arizona. Known for her emotive and creative style, she provides sessions for families, children, and boudoir as well as mentoring for other photographers.

5 Tips For Getting Your Home Ready for Real Estate Photos

June 1, 2018

I love real estate photography!  And professional real estate photography is a small investment that sells itself. A great photograph can speak a thousand words, but so can a bad one. And lets get real for a second, we ALL look at homes on the internet and if the photos are bad we don't even give the home a second thought.

About 2 years ago I decided to sell our home and start looking for our forever home. My best friend had just become a realtor and I though heck now is as good as ever! Next step, take on the task of our MLS photos. I thought to myself I have been a photographer for years, how hard could it be?!? Pshhh... In case you are wondering... Its real hard. I researched long and hard, for all the tips I could find, for staging a home and how to take the best photos. So after all that hard work, our house sold in 2 months and now we live in our forever home. I am now a pretty decent Real Estate photographer and work often with my best friend (shameless bestie plug HERE)

But with all that being said I would love to share with you my


This is a big help for your realtor and the photographer.


1. Clean. Seriously. This is a no brainer! Or so you would think. I have seen some pretty terrible real estate photos with pizza boxes and trash every where.

2. Turn on all the lights and open all the windows. You want your home to feel bright and airy. Potential buyers love this! And psst... Replace all the burnt out light bulbs. 


3. Turn OFF ceiling fans. Buyers want to see the fans not just some blurry thing on your ceiling.

4. Make all the beds. Another no brainer, I know. But seriously the last thing your realtor or photographer wants to do is make your bed. 

5. Clear off counters. Kitchens- put away appliances and any other clutter. Set dishes out like a dinner party. Bathrooms- Hide all personal belongings and put out a vase of flowers.


So there they are my TOP 5 tips for getting your home photo ready. Just doing this will help tremendously. 


If you want more tips (or maybe you are a realtor wanting to help out new sellers) check out my NEW Eguide LETS SELL YOUR HOUSE! A Homeowner's Guide to Getting Their Home Ready to Sell. It is full of tips for getting your home list ready, what to do on Open House day, and a cleaning checklist!

Click HERE to purchase yours now! 



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