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Grace Boyd is an emotive family and couples photographer and educator based in Arizona. Known for her emotive and creative style, she provides sessions for families, children, and boudoir as well as mentoring for other photographers.

Social Media Musings & an Hour by Hour Project

May 24, 2018

Isn't social media weird? 

We follow all these people and they follow you. We know all about their lives and they know about yours. Yet, when you see them in public, you don't even say hello. Do they even recognize you? Do they really pay attention with all the people they follow? (This is kinda how I feel when I see people from high school, too.)


What about people that follow you and recognize you, yet you have no idea who they are? So weird, right?

What about the fact that with this business you follow so many other creatives. People you look up to, strive to learn from, look at in awe, and wonder if they ever feel the same way. Wonder if they ever struggle with not feeling good enough.

Does anyone ever wonder the same about you?

And then sometimes you happen upon a group of kindred spirits, a group where you feel like you can share even your darkest moments, where some of your greatest photography heroes hang out and give you encouragement. This group for me is the Unraveled Academy. I posted yesterday in our exclusive Facebook group about struggling and after some encouraging words, a challenge to shoot for myself and a sweet treat from an awesome photographer, I decided to complete an hour by hour project. 


Shooting this was so fun! It was so challenging to remember to pick up my camera every hour and to capture moments in any space (see that 2:28pm that was in a Target dressing room!!). And it really helped me to get out of my slump. 



So here's what I take away from this:

  • Don't compare yourself to others. Everyone is on their own journey. And they may be right where you are.

  • Shoot for yourself.

  • Give yourself a challenge. And go for it.

  • Its ok to be perfectly imperfect.

OH! And these were all edited with Mike Wade, Rural Life Photography's KOL presets. Go get them here!


Have you ever felt this way? What about an hour by hour project, have you ever done one?


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