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Grace Boyd is an emotive family and couples photographer and educator based in Arizona. Known for her emotive and creative style, she provides sessions for families, children, and boudoir as well as mentoring for other photographers.

And Just Like That... | A Personal Blog Post to my 30 Year Old Self

February 28, 2017


And just like that, I turned 30... It was about a month ago when my husband asked me how old he was going to be (we are 2 days apart) that I realized that 30 was fast approaching. Denial set in.

I couldn't believe it.

Where had the time gone?

Where were my 20s?

Where did everything go? 

It was then at that moment that I realized I had lived. I had lived my 20s. I lived the good times, the bad times, the hard times, and the sad times. Some of those times are just a blur and others seem like just yesterday. I experienced a marriage (well wedding, really), a divorce, living on my own, too poor to pay for electricity and gas but too stubborn to ask for help. I experienced finding true love, a second marriage, numerous homes, 2 of which I bought, marrying my very best friend and giving birth to one of my greatest accomplishments. I fed my passion for photography and learned a lot about life. 

I learned to accept the person I am.

I learned that not everyone has your best intentions in mind.

I learned that when people have nothing better to do they start rumors.

I learned about true friendship.

I learned that the most important person you can rely on is God.

And then yourself.

I learned to follow my instincts.

I learned to listen.

I learned to stand up for myself.

I learned to love.

I learned to LIVE.

This is just a small milestone in the big picture, but a milestone none the less. 

I am so grateful for all the people in my life who have stood by me, supported me, and even those who didn't.

Here's to another 3 decades! 

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